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Stamped Concrete

RUMCRETE offers in JORDAN AND MIDDEL EAST market stamped concrete, concrete flooring with imprinted patterns, stamping tools & mats. Stamped concrete, concrete flooring with imprinted patterns, is a system that, by making use of concrete as basic material properly dosed, elaborates, introduces additives, colors, models, rivets and seals it until it obtains a final pavement having the following advantages: Monolithic, with long durability without maintenance, atmospheric agents and ultraviolet rays resistant, anti dust - water repellent, anti mildew, implemented with different colors and stamps, easy, fast and economic construction (see stamped concrete application). Many are the fields of use stamped concrete flooring: Patios, streets, yards, paving, open area, walkways, show rooms, ramps, garages, parking area, swimming pools borders, riding floors, restoration of historic town centers. Because of the big choices of stamped concrete colors, patterns and the low costs, stamped concrete flooring became as time went by always more popular on flooring. Furthermore stamped concrete, concrete imprinted, can be used with other similar elements as the Acid Stain. If you would like to see stamped floor pictures GO TO PATTERN Stamped concrete flooring can be applied also on existing concrete surfaces with a minimum thickness available (7 up to 25 Mm) using Overlay System. If you would like to participate in our stamped flooring and stamped walls CONTACT US