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Vertical stamp is a revolutionary system that consists of a unique, lightweight, vertical mix along with specially designed tools and colorants. Vertical Mix bonds to most surfaces, is water resistant, and unequalled in flexural and compressive strength.
The System Unlike concrete overlays on slabs, the Vertical Mix is a custom, lightweight concrete material that can be applied up to three inches thick and stamped within minutes after it is laid on. By using Vertical Mix with vertical stamps, you can achieve the deep texture normally associated with decorative flatwork - on fences, interior or exterior walls, pillars, you name it.
Vertical Mix Lightweight concrete mix is engineered to adhere to wall board, plaster, dry wall, paneling, and brick, stone or existing concrete. The other important component is the highly concentrated Polymer used for bond coat and to reconstitute Vertical Mix.
Application Vertical Mix is best applied using a hawk and trowel. Unlike regular concrete, troweling the surface is not necessary or recommended. The mix is ready to stamp immediately after you lay it on. All necessary touch-up and detail work is performed later that day using carving tools.
Vertical Stamping Stamping vertical surfaces calls for special stamps. Smaller in size with additional tools for stamping single rows and corners, The Stamp Stores vertical stamps offer the flexibility necessary for stamping vertical surfaces, plus the aggressive texture and durability associated with floor stamps.
Coloring Staining vertical surfaces requires a slight adaptation of common coloring applications. The preferred method is Vertical Concrete Color.

Vertical Concrete FAQ
Q. How well does this hold up outside?
A. RumCrete will work outside quite well however variable such as coating, environment and application can all effect its long term success.
Q. Can I really make concrete look like wood panels?
A. Yes you can with the right stamp and coloring techniques. At The Stamp Store we have a wall of stamped vertical that looks like wood planks
Q. Can I use Vertical in my house?
A. Yes, Vertical is designed for both indoors and out. Coloring and sealing differences should be taken into account because of the UV factor for outdoor work.
Q. Can I use this on any wall or do I have to reinforce the wall to handle the weight?
A. It’s a lightweight mix however a moving substrate must be reinforced before applying.
Q. Can I make a wall using Vertical Mix?
A. Vertical can be applied up to a 3cm thickness. So, there will need to be a roughed in framework for the coating to adhere to.